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Apply to a team! (2016)

Avengers-Land is back!

Mission 11 will take place from October 1st – December 17th 2016. We’ll be using Team Magic and Team Science for this mission so please apply for a team using the form provided. Copy it into a comment then fill in the answers for me.

Teams will be allocated on a first come first served basis so I can keep numbers fair – both teams will be fabulous anyway! Applications will be accepted up until November 30th so even if you’re finding us later in the mission, feel free to join in.

If you’ve played with us before, welcome back! If you’re new, I’m pleased you found us!

Application form:

Preferred team:
Would you like to be a team captain if a position is available?
Were you referred by someone?


Hey everyone - hope you're all enjoying the Olympics (and managing to get some work etc done too!)

In case you haven't seen, there's a poll about the future of avland.

Feel free to chat/spam in the comments, too!

Anyone still out there?

So, I'm finished my teacher training and have a job lined up. Nothing is set in stone yet but out of interest:

Would you be interested in taking part in another mission?


Would you prefer a mission:

October - December this year
At the beginning of 2017

Comments are open too if there's anything else you'd like to say!

Only 2 days!

The poll to sign up for the Winter Mini-Mission closes in just 2 days - if you'd like to play, make sure you've filled it out and answered the question asking which team you'd like to be on!

Once the poll has closed I'll be removing old members and sorting you into your teams.

Winter Mini-Mission Poll

There will be an 8 week long Mini-Winter Mission at avland running from around November 20th 2015 - January 15th 2016.

Please fill in the poll below by November 16th if you would like to take part. Comments are screened in case you would like to say something else or have a challenge suggestion.

Poll #2024011 Winter Mission

I want to take part in the Winter mini-mission:

YES, sign me up!

I would prefer to be on team:


I would be willing to move to a different team if necessary:


I would like to mod:

Only if there is no-one else
I don't want to mod

Mission 10: APPLY FOR A TEAM!

Apply to a team for Mission 10
avland’s next (and last for a while) mission will take place between June 1st – August 31st 2015. Whether you’ve played with us before or never taken part, come and join us as we celebrate reaching a landmark 10th mission and say goodbye for a while.

We’re returning to our original three teams for Mission 10: Hero, Sidekick and Villain.

To take part, check you've read the faq/rules so you know what to expect from the comm  and then please fill out the application form below by copy and pasting it into a comment. (You can join the mission at any time, so if you’re late finding us don’t worry!)

I will do my best to put you on your first choice team, but it isn’t always possible as I need to keep numbers even.

Application Form:

Preference of teams, in order:
Would you like to/be willing to be a team mod?

Please note, Team Villain and Team Hero are currently closed to new members until the numbers even out.